Life of a Christian Bowhunter: Failure to Change

November 9, 2017

Failure to Change


The word failure can bring about a mess of emotions and feelings. If we’re honest with ourselves, nobody in their right mind wants to fail at anything, and why would we? Failure means that we could not fulfill what we set out to do. That could mean either we messed up, or we didn’t get the opportunity we needed. So, as Christians and as bowhunters, should we be okay with failure? What so many of us don’t see is that failure is the best opportunity to learn and to improve. Nobody wants to fail, and we certainly don’t enjoy it, but we do need to learn to deal with it, because the bottom line is, it happens. Failure is only detrimental if we do not learn from what we’ve done.


Every archery hunter has failed. That’s not a question up for debate. We’ve all either missed or blown an opportunity in someway or another. I remember the first deer I ever missed, which also would have been my first archery buck. I was so confident in myself and my shot, yet as I saw the arrow sail just under the belly of the seven point, I physically felt my body and mind collapse in disappointment. I failed at what I loved to do the most. But, as I said, every one of us has failed. A buck jumps your string and you shoot over his back; learn from it so it doesn’t happen again. You get busted on a bad wind; figure out a way to make a change so it doesn’t happen again. We should invite the idea of failure, because it makes us better. It has the opportunity to make us ready for future situations.

One of my favorite stories of learning from failure is the story of Saul. Saul was known as a notorious killer of Christians, and murdered believers time and time again. One day, the Lord decided to open the eyes of Saul, who then became known as Paul. Paul then becomes arguably one of the most well-known Apostles. His Christianity radiated as he spread the Word of God throughout the rest of his life. You see, Paul was once a mess of mistakes, but he did not let it define him. He learned from it, and made a change. The example of Paul shows us that mistakes and failures in our lives, no matter how big, can be used to form a better us in the future. Whether that means a better Christian, bowhunter, or spouse. It is up to us to make the change.




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