Beating the October Lull

September 14, 2016

Every archery hunter has heard of, and rightfully fears the arrival of the October Lull. What is it exactly? In the pre-rut, while the weather is still warmer than any good hunter would prefer, the whitetails seem to just shutdown. But do they really?


According to multiple studies, deer movement throughout daytime hours does nothing but rise. While we admit to being sucked into the myth of the October lull, we also figured out what really happens, and also how to conquer it.


So, is it actually real? Through trail cameras and borderline excessive scouting, we figured out that though the number of deer you see may seem to decline, they have just changed their patterns to adjust. Once the season begins, deer quickly feel the pressure and begin to change their patterns to avoid areas they aren’t comfortable in. They also adjust to the changes in weather and food sources, as the corn is cut, the acorns stop falling, or the beans are gone. 


How can you beat the October lull? Follow three steps:

1.) Find new rub lines and scrapes as the bucks begin to search for early does that may be in estrus.

2.) Find a food source that is providing a steady fill of food for deer.

3.) Don't stay stuck in your old habits. Scout new areas, try new things. You need to adjust as the deer do to stay successful in the field. 


So next time someone complains about not seeing deer in the October lull, be sure to let them know that making adjustments is the key to having a successful pre-rut hunt. Feel free to contact us with any questions, and as always, shoot straight. 



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