Preseason Mistakes Can Be Detrimental

September 13, 2016

To most hunters, fall means archery season, winter may be best for waterfowl, and spring means gobbling toms. To die hard archery hunters, fall means archery, winter means late archery, and every other season is pre-season. 


Throughout the spring and summer months, many of us hunters alike spend time and put in hours of hard work preparing for the one moment God grants us in the woods. Whether it's shooting, hanging new stands, scouting new properties, planting, or keeping trail cameras running, we all do something. No matter what we do, it's almost a guarantee that we make mistakes, but we learn and move on. So, what are some of the biggest mistakes an archery hunter can make in the off-season?


1.) Not Shooting From a Treestand:

No matter how much you shoot, and how far you can shoot, nothing gives you the practice like shooting out of a stand once in awhile. If you hunt out of a treestand, why not practice out of one. At TNT, we finish every shooting session by shooting out of our Muddy stands, so when the moment comes during the fall, we've already prepared ourselves. Why is it so important? Shooting from a stand gives you more of a downward angle shot, which means shooting mechanics need to be adjusted. It's not much, but if the first time you shoot out of the air is at a 150" buck, you may have some regrets.


2.) Frequenting Your Camera Sites:

Every hunter loves to see what kind of deer he or she has on their property, so we go through bags of minerals and corn, and spend hundreds of dollars on trail cameras, but for what? One of the biggest mistakes we as hunters make is frequenting our cameras sites. We go in after 5 days to pull a card because we are so anxious to see what's around. But what happens when you jump out that booner that beds 25 yards away? He won't be back anytime soon. Make sure you only go into your camera sites when neccessary: refilling minerals, changing batteries, otherwise you could lose your chance at that buck of a lifetime, and never even know he was around.


3.) Assuming This Season Will be Like the Last

As every person does, hunters tend to assume. Whether it is assuming the deer will be in the same spots as past years, or that your bow will shoot the same this year as it did before, or that your broadheads fly just fine with your new arrows because you shot them last year. This will kill a hunters archery season. If you're hunting a property you've hunted for ten years, go scout anyways. You may find the deer have changed their patterns. Shoot your practice broadheads or an extra one to make sure the flight is the same as your field tips. Always put in the extra work now, and reap the reward later, rather than assuming now, and regretting a mistake later.


As always, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, or just to talk anything archery. As always, shoot straight. 




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