New Breed Archery: The Future

April 19, 2016


Many of you may have noticed our insane obsession with Hoyt Archery bows over the past year. Trey has shot a Hoyt since 2009, while Ty purchased a new Hoyt in late 2015. Although we trusted these bows with every shot and every trophy that crossed our path, we believed that it was time to move on to something much better. New Breed Archery.


Why did we change from Hoyt to New Breed? Easy. First of all, the pure speed of the New Breed lineup is insane. The new Blade SS shoots up to 350 fps, while the rest of the lineup, including the GX2, Blade, and Nemesis average 335 fps. Unlike most manufacturers, these bows don’t compromise comfort for speed. The bows provide both a limb and a string back-wall, which makes for a solid anchor point when at full-draw.


Another great thing about New Breed bows is the technology put into all of the bows. Each bow has the new Bionix 2.5 Cam System. This system initiates the unbelievably smooth draw cycle, without giving up speed, and giving the archer incredible performance. Also, every bow comes with a split-limb design, which provides unreal forgiveness, quietness, and speed.


We also fell in love with the look and quality of  New Breed. Every bow comes equipped with handcrafted bowstrings and cables, available in almost any color imaginable, which provides not only a flashy look, but also the trusted performance of New Breed Archery. If you’re looking for something different than all the cookie-cutter bows on the market, look to New Breed for flashy designs, and even flashier results. Go to or message us for more information. As always, shoot straight!

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