Fixed-Blade or Expandable?

April 6, 2016

Mechanical vs. Fixed-Blade Broadheads



One of the biggest decisions in the archery-hunting industry right now is whether to shoot a reliable fixed-blade broadhead, or a devastating mechanical broadhead. In this article, we’ll share our preference in broadhead as well as some pros and cons for both types.


We’ll start with the positive sides for the fixed-blade broadheads in the industry. These include the Muzzy MX-3, G5 Montec, and the Magnus Black Hornet. All fixed broadheads have one thing in common: They are reliable. You don’t have to worry about whether the blades will expand or get stuck and not inflict damage. Once the arrow is released, damage will be done. Another good thing about fixed-blades is that they are generally cheaper than the leading expandable.


The mechanical broadheads also have a big upside, which correlates right along with the huge wound channels they create. One of our favorite things to do is admire the massive blood-trails that these broadheads cause. The entry and exit wounds are both immense and make for an easy track job along with a quick, humane kill. Another pro of the expandable is the consistency of flight. Each mechanical broadhead is machined to fly just like a field-point, which makes it an easy job to assure your broadheads fly the same as your field-points.


On to the negative sides of the fixed-blade. Though the fixed blade is an extremely reliable choice, it also has a tendency to fly differently than your field-point. At certain

draw lengths and weights, some broadheads fly differently due to the protruding blades. This can also occur depending on arrow spine, arrow length, and the bow you’re shooting. Another negative of the fixed blade is that the blood-trails and wound channels it creates are not what the mechanicals generally produce. Though they still aren’t bad, they don’t even compare to that of an expandable.


The negatives of the mechanical broadhead are relatively daunting as well. First of all, they all seem to have the same theme of a high cost. A quality expandable is often over $40.00 for a pack of three. Though cost may not be a big deal to some, reliability should be. There are many accounts of expandable broadheads being sent through the pump-house, but failing to expand, which makes for a hard or no recovery of the animal. This failure is haunting to some, and is most definitely a risk.


After all of these factors, we choose to shoot the Afflictor K-2 Hybrid. This broadhead flies the exact same to our field-points, gets great penetration, creates gigantic blood trails, and after countless deer, we have yet to have a failure. This decision is vital to the success of every archery hunter. So ask yourself, do I bank on the reliability of the fixed-blade, or trust the devastating mechanical? As always, shoot straight and don’t hesitate to send us any questions! 

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