Doe Management

April 5, 2016


Managing Your Doe Herd


Every hunter dreams of one of those hunts in early November that we see so much of on TV; big bucks fighting, aggressive rubs, ten bucks chasing after one hot doe. In many states, we understand that this dream may never come true, as the bucks just don’t seem to be as aggressive in the rut. This laid-back buck attitude in the rut in many states is caused by a lack of doe management, and causes a lack of competition among bucks to tend a doe that year.


Why should you manage your doe herd? Simple. A lower doe population makes for a more aggressive and competitive buck population on your farm. If bucks are able to tend more than one doe without having to be aggressive or chase hard, then the population of does in your area is much too high. A low number of does causes the bucks to chase hard and compete among one another for every doe. This competition results in the hunts every hunter dreams of and sees on TV: One hot doe and five big bucks chasing her at midday.


Managing your doe herd really doesn’t take much, it just all circles back to preparation. Having a trail camera up by each stand set makes it easy to know what deer are consistently in the area. Does that are still tending to fawns throughout the summer and falls months should be passed, as they can still go into estrus and produce fawns. Also young immature doe need to be passed as well. Does that appear in pictures and seen in the stand and continue to be without fawns and seem to run other deer off should be taken. These old donkeys aren’t able to go into estrus anymore, making them perfect for the taking.


Shooting management does is a huge part of the success of killing a big buck. Not only is it good for the buck population, it also fills the freezer with venison, and gives you practice to control yourself so when the moment comes to shoot that monster, you’re ready. As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we would be glad to talk! Shoot straight!

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