Off-Season Preparation

March 29, 2016


At TNT Outdoors, we believe that archery season never ends. Though the season may be over, there is always more work to be done. That work may be challenging yourself on the range to improve shot quality, it may be work in the weight room, or just preparing stand spots for the upcoming season. We choose to do all of the above in order to make ourselves better and give ourselves a head start on the upcoming year.


One of the first things we look to do after the season is over is shoot more. It's so important to stay in shooting shape throughout the late winter months until fall rolls around. We believe in quality not quantity, so taking five great shots from realistic distances is a great way to stay in great shape for the season. Our favorite way to end a shooting session is running a mile, then picking up our bow right away and shooting one arrow at 30 yards. This exercise simulates the heart rate of shooting at a trophy whitetail or game animal. It also trains us mentally to make the best of the one shot that we are given. 


Another great thing to do, that we put a lot of emphasis on, is work in the weight room throughout the year. We believe being in peak physical condition during the fall and early winter months is definitely where great hunters are separated from the average hunter. Being in great shape has many perks. One of the main things is being able to go where many refuse to go. Being in shape allows us to make walks to stands and chase the animals that have eluded that average hunter who is not able to or willing to push themselves to their limit. It also allows us to be more consistent in our shooting. We can hold our full draw for longer and be more stable, and also control our bodies when our adrenaline is pumping. Our workouts consist of two hours of work six days per week. Another big part of being in shape is our diet.


One of the final things we put emphasis on during the off-season is total preparation for the upcoming year's stand sets. This can mean scouting new properties and current properties for better and new spots, bettering current sets by adjusting the angle or height of the stand, or cutting more shooting lanes. We also consider this to be planting and tending food plots and mineral sights. Doing this allows us to pattern deer, figure out what deer can be taken out of our herds, and what shooters made it through the past year. Preparation is one of the best and most important things a hunter can do to increase chances of success in an upcoming season.


As always, we hope this has helped you become an elite hunter. If you have any questions on our preparation, diet, or workouts, don't hesitate to send us a message under the "Contact" tab, and we'd be glad to talk!


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